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My Opalescence® Story–Anna Lozier


Anna Lozier’s life can get pretty hectic, just like the rest of us. As a full-time medical assistant and a full-ti​me nursing student, along with being a single mom to a teenager and college student, she has had a hard time getting regular dental check-ups over the years. She quit smoking four years ago, but said that smoking and drinking coffee regularly took a toll on the appearance of her teeth. “Late last year I noticed that my teeth looked extra yellow and decided it was time to take action, so I made an appointment to see the dentist,” Anna said. 

Upon seeing Dr. Abhay Ektare at Eastport Healthcare in Eastport, Maine, Anna left surprised to only have one cavity! During her visit, she expressed her desire for a whiter smile to the dental hygienist, Sue Drew, and they discussed her options.​


“She wanted a less expensive option than custom trays, yet equally effective, so we decided that Opalescence Go® prefilled whitening trays would be the best route,” says Sue. 

To say Anna liked the product may be an understatement. Sue said, “When she started using the product she was thrilled! She kept sending me daily photos of progress and telling me how much she now loves her teeth—so it was exciting.”


Anna added, “Your product is perfect for busy people! In fact, I would often wear my whitening trays in the morning at work and I was so pleased that I could talk with them in and hardly anyone even noticed. They were so comfortable!” ​

Anna said the Opalescence Go prefilled whitening trays were so comfortable that she wore one (10% hydrogen peroxide concentration) tray every day until her ten trays were gone and experienced zero sensitivity during the process. 

Sue had feedback on Opalescence Go whitening as well, saying, “I love that the product incorporates fluoride because I know that in addition to whitening, my patients are doing something good for their teeth. I’ve had very good results.” 

“I’ve gotten so many compliments on my smile since using Opalescence whitening​,” said Anna. “It’s definitely given me a more confident smile."

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